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Fire Safety: Alert, Aware, Alive - Online Theory Only

The heat is off with this course. Show your employees life-saving information on the different types of fires, how they can be prevented and what should be done in case they occur. This course defines the elements a fire needs to burn and explains how to use a fire extinguisher.


  • How Fires Start
  • Types Of Fires

Stopping Fires

  • Prevention Of Class A And B Fires
  • Prevention Of Class C, D And K Fires

Dealing With A Fire

  • Fires Happen
  • Evacuation Plan

Fighting A Fire

  • When To Fight A Fire
  • Know Your Fire Extinguisher


Cost: $25 plus GST

Duration: The time needed to complete each online course varies for each individual. You may stop the course at any time and access your activity at a later date.



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