Advisory Services

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Needs Analysis

SCSA Safety Advisors are trained to conduct thorough assessments of your company’s safety management system to identify weaknesses that lead to costly workplace injuries and incidents. This includes a review of your company’s training needs and documentation. SCSA Safety Advisors will work with you to explain what you need to meet your legal responsibilities and develop an action plan for implementing any recommended improvements to your safety management system to ensure due diligence.

Safety Program Development

SCSA Safety Advisors will assist you in the development of an effective Health and Safety Management System. This includes manual development and/or review as well as onsite training to implement your program.

Site Inspections/Hazard Assessments

Identifying and controlling hazards is crucial to the success of your safety management system. SCSA Safety Advisors perform worksite visits to coach your employees on how to conduct effective assessments and control hazards.

Safety and Toolbox Meetings

Communication is an integral part of your program. SCSA Safety Advisors perform worksite visits to deliver toolbox talks and train your employees on how to effectively communicate with one another during company safety meetings.


SCSA Safety Advisors assist in the development of your company and worksite orientations for both current and future employees and sub-contractors. The SCSA online Safety Construction Orientation Training (SCOT®) program covers current fundamental aspects of worksite safety that are a valuable addition to your pre-existing orientation program.

Safe Job Practices and Procedures/Job Hazard Analysis

All employees need to understand and utilize safe job procedures and work practices for each task they perform. SCSA Safety Advisors can assist your company in performing Job Hazard Analyses (JHAs) and in using other tools to aid with the development of your practices and procedures.

Incident Investigation and Reporting

SCSA advisors can assist you in the process of properly investigating and reporting incidents and near misses to prevent recurrences.

Pre-Audit Check

If you are working toward achieving either a Certificate of Recognition (COR®) or Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR®), SCSA Safety Advisors perform a pre-audit check to ensure your company’s success.


The SCSA provides a variety of safety demonstrations focused around the importance of proper use and maintenance of personal protective equipment (PPE). Click here to view a full list of available demonstrations.