Safety Demos

The SCSA provides a variety of safety demonstrations focused around the importance of proper use and maintenance of personal protective equipment (PPE). Currently the SCSA provides the following Safety Demonstrations to a variety of audiences (workers, students, contractors) upon request:


Back Safety Demo: Injuries to the back are one of the more common claims in the construction industry. Our new Back Safety Demonstration shows the differences between proper and improper lifting techniques and how leverage, fulcrums and force come into play. It’s not just simply picking up an item.

Eye Protection Demo: Demonstrates the protective differences between safety-rated eyewear (CSA Z94.3; ANSI Z87.1) and regular eyewear by testing the resistance of each with shots from a nail gun.

Fall Protection Demo:  Demonstrates the differences in wearing a shock-absorbing lanyard versus a regular lanyard by measuring the amount of force that would be applied to your body when falling from a distance.

Hand Protection Demo: Demonstrates the effectiveness of using proper hand protection by putting different types of gloves through abrasion, cut, puncture, and tear tests.

Head Protection Demo: Objects are dropped from a distance on a styrofoam mannequin head to demonstrate the potential head injuries that can occur when a hardhat is not worn on a construction site.

Ladder Safety Demo: Ladders are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment on construction sites. Used improperly, they can pose a serious hazard to workers. Our new ladder safety demonstration will highlight industry best practices as well as legislative requirements when it comes to using step and extension ladders on your job sites.

Impalement Protection Demo: Demonstrates the protection properties of various rebar caps showing which caps can stop you and which ones will impale you.


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