About Us

Business Services


Serving members working in residential, commercial and industrial construction, our team includes construction safety professionals, tradespeople, training technicians, advisors and auditors, as well as administrative roles and leadership.


  Our Advisory Services team builds relationships with members across the province, promotes SCSA programs and services, delivers safety demonstrations in the field, and provides guidance to companies in building safety manuals or achieving safety certifications. When members have safety-related questions, advisors have the answer.


  Program Services administers safety certification programs for companies and individuals. Auditors work closely with companies to conduct audits, evaluate health & safety management systems and make recommendations for improvements. Auditors use their expertise to help companies strive for safety excellence in achieving and maintaining national standards.


  Training Services delivers safety training courses both online and in SCSA classrooms for those needing job-specific knowledge or those pursuing construction safety officer certification. This energetic team contributes to course development, evaluation and improvement, ensuring high-quality course content and an engaging learning experience.


  Administrative Services assists in the delivery of programs and services by providing support to all other business units and communicating with members. This team is friendly and helpful in processing registrations, payments and certificates, or helping members find the information they need.


  Corporate Services provides leadership in operations, business development, strategy, communications, finance, and people services. They manage departments to reach association goals and build positive relationships with partners in other safety associations, government and industry.