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Building Construction Rate Codes for Members

The determination of membership is aligned with the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board’s “Rate Classification of Industries.”

Employers in the Rate Codes B11, B12 & B13 for Building Construction are all members of the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association. To confirm membership, employers can check WCB statements for their “Rate Code” or contact the SCSA.


Find Rate Codes Below


B11 - Construction Trades

  • Plumbing, heating, roto-rooter service, air conditioning, furnace repair and service, sewer and water maintenance
  • Dairy equipment installation, livestock feeding equipment installation
  • Fire sprinkler installation
  • Commercial kitchen and cafeteria equipment installation
  • All electrical work, solar panel installation
  • Mechanical sheet metal work and duct work
  • General mechanical contracting offering a combination of all related trades
  • Refrigeration exclusively
  • Manual chimney sweeps
  • Swimming pool installation, residential and commercial
  • TV and radio antenna erection, lightning rod installation and wind velocity monitoring
  • Satellite dish system installation
  • Overhead door installation
  • Vacuum systems installation
  • On-site cabinet making and installation, including incidental shop fabrication as a business


B12 – Residential Construction

  • Painting, sandblasting, decorating, wallcovering, spraytex, stippling
  • Acoustic ceilings, residential and other interior renovations, metal studs, movable partitions, handyman service, carpentry, disaster recovery
  • Home owner construction for self (voluntary)
  • Residential construction 05 Project management and construction
  • Insulation installation and removal, including mechanical blown rigid plus rock wool, excluding roof insulation
  • Marina and wharf construction
  • Window cleaning as a business
  • Service station maintenance and renovations
  • Install fire escapes and iron stairs, miscellaneous metal installation, playground apparatus installation, stage construction and assembly
  • Industrial maintenance, bit or blade sharpening at industrial sites
  • Dampproofing
  • Steam cleaning of buildings
  • Fence erection
  • Stuccoing and plastering
  • Outdoor sign erection, advertising, display work and sign painting including erection
  • Elevator and escalator installation
  • Siding application, eavestroughing, soffits, fascia, custom flashing and cladding
  • Framing
  • Construction of wood frame farm buildings


B13 – Commercial, Industrial Construction

  • Installation of flooring, linoleum, tile, carpeting and mosaic tile
  • Door, window and glass installation, commercial glazing
  • Erection of metal bins, granaries, commercial and non-commercial quonsets, feed and storage installation
  • Paving stone installation
  • Construction of grain elevators and inland terminals
  • Greenhouse construction and installation
  • Caisson work and pile driving
  • Underwater work incidental with industry subject to the Act
  • Industrial construction, such as boilers, conveyors' scales, mine buildings, oilfield construction, oil derricks, silos, water towers, tanks, filtration and sewage plants, pumping stations, compressor stations, refinery stations, treater houses, dragline erection, chimney stacks, tower construction and services, industrial plant work, industrial pipefitting, wind turbine installation and repair
  • Precast concrete erection
  • Concrete work, cement finishing, guniting, grouting, pargetting, reinforcing steel, placing mesh and other steel specialties
  • Concrete reservoirs, concrete bridge approaches
  • Drywall including boarding, taping and incidental spraytex, stippling, metal studs and acoustic ceilings
  • Commercial construction and renovations, such as institutions, apartment buildings, office buildings, etc.
  • Bricklaying and masonry, marble and stone setting
  • Roofing, shingle, tar and gravel, asphalt, metal and roof insulation
  • Scaffolding
  • Structural steel 


For the full list of Rate Codes Including Non-SCSA Members please see the WCB website.