Leadership for Safety Excellence

This two-day course is designed to provide supervisors and managers with an understanding of their legal duties, responsibilities and role in providing a safe and healthy workplace for workers. 
Participants gain an understanding of applicable legislated responsibilities and how to perform supervisor safety tasks such as a hazard assessment, worksite inspection, incident investigation and workplace training and communication.


Course Focus

  • Describe the role and functions of a supervisor relating to health and safety
  • Explain why enforcing health and safety is important for the supervisor
  • Identify challenges when enforcing health and safety issues in the workplace
  • Reference and interpret legislation applicable to supervisors and employers
  • Identify tasks supervisors can perform to fulfill their health and safety responsibilities
  • Define health and safety training requirements in the workplace
  • Describe and apply the hazard assessment process
  • Identify workplace inspection requirements and the process 
  • Describe the types of incidents that require reporting to OH&S
  • Explain the incident investigation process and different levels of incident causation
  • Describe the importance of conducting tool box talks and safety meetings
  • Complete and submit practical components on own company for 
    • Preparation and presentation of a tool box talk
    • Completion of worksite inspection
    • Conduct an incident investigation

Timeframe: 2 days (16 hours)

Pre-requisite: None
In order to receive the Certificate of Proficiency, participants are required to conduct and document a toolbox meeting, a worksite inspection and a real incident investigation using SCSA forms. Documents must be submitted within eight months of completing the course. The certificate of proficiency for this course is mandatory in order to receive your company’s Certificate of Recognition (COR®), as well as to receive  NCSO™ or NHSA™ certification.    

CEU Credits

Course hours can be used towards the Gold Seal Certification application for credits, subject to credit approval upon review. Note: every 6 hours of learning equals 1 Gold Seal credit.

This course may be eligible for BCRSP CPD points through the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals as well as Continuing Education Units through the Sask Operator Certification Board.