Safety Auditor Re-Certification Training

Auditors certified through SCSA are required to take this online course every three years to maintain their Auditor Certification.  This online course is designed to inform auditors of updates made to the audit tool document and to process changes that have been made. 

Certification:  There is a short quiz at the end of the course to ensure Auditors have an understanding of types of audits, the audit process and techniques used to ensure a successful audit.

Course Focus:

  • Purpose of and Types of Audits
  • COR®/SECOR® and Auditor Certification
  • Audit Process
  • Areas SCSA Auditors have found to be deficient during audits

To Maintain Safety Auditor Certification through the SCSA, you must:

  • To maintain a valid certificate, auditors must submit an audit annually and take the one-day recertification training before expiry every three years.  Failure to submit annual audits and re-certify before expiry will result in the student repeating the two-day Safety Auditor Training course.


Must be a current SCSA Certified Auditor


PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING: ONLY individuals who have received a reminder letter from the SCSA confirming their Auditor certification is up for renewal should enroll. Outlined in the letter are the maintenance requirements. Please verify you meet the criteria prior to enrolling. If you have not received a reminder letter or are unsure if you qualify for this course, please email: to confirm eligibility. Enrolling in the course, without meeting the above requirements will result in the requirement to re-take the auditor recertification online course. The course cost for enrolling in the course without meeting the requirements will not be refunded.

To register, click here.