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Essential Training for Supervisors

The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) is pleased to launch its essential training course for construction supervisors, Leadership for Safety Excellence, as an On Demand Training option. This new course is equivalent to the Instructor Led Training version that is regularly scheduled online or in SCSA classrooms, allowing learners to access the same popular course at a time and pace that suits their schedule. 
Tailored specifically for individuals in supervisory roles, Leadership for Safety Excellence is a comprehensive course that covers applicable legislated responsibilities and how to perform supervisor safety tasks such as a hazard assessment, worksite inspection, incident investigation, workplace training and communication. Participants gain practical knowledge and understanding of their legal obligations and the important role supervisors hold in creating safe and healthy workplaces.
"We know that supervisors and managers who oversee safety each day on site are busy professionals with huge responsibilities and a lot of moving pieces to manage. Recognizing the pressures on these individuals, this new On Demand course enables supervisors to prioritize safety without compromising their schedules," said Collin Pullar, SCSA president. “Our members shared the desire for training with increased flexibility and convenience – this course is a great learning option that is ready whenever and wherever the supervisor needs it.”
Well-trained and knowledgeable supervisors positively impact overall workplace safety and make a difference in preventing injuries. The Leadership for Safety Excellence On Demand course is designed for those who appreciate these key features:
  • Flexibility: Participants can work through course materials and modules at their convenience, with access up to 60 days, fitting learning around their busy schedules.
  • Ideal for Independent Learners: The On Demand format allows those who are self-motivated and prefer independent learning to set their pace and customize progress to focus more on challenging areas and less on familiar topics. 
  • Use of Technology: Those who are comfortable online with digital learning tools will enjoy the use of interactive, multimedia content and video.
  • Comprehensive Content: From legislated responsibilities to practical safety tasks, the course covers all aspects of a supervisor’s role in ensuring safe workplaces.
Additionally, the On Demand course includes new sections on Safety Culture and the important function of Job Hazard Analysis:
  • Safety Culture: Supervisors are encouraged to cultivate environments where safety is ingrained as a mindset in the wider organization. This new section presents information and strategies to address modern challenges including diversity and inclusion, language barriers, age and generational differences, harassment, violence and bullying, and mental health awareness.
  • Job Hazard Analysis: This section clarifies the use of Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) for meeting legislative requirements in developing Safe Work Practices (SWP) and Safe Job Procedures (SJP). Material includes detailed information to identify hazards, analyze risks, develop controls and implement job-specific practices and procedures.
In partnership with the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT), this course will be available for students in SIIT trades and industrial programs on an ongoing basis. Students will gain knowledge and skills to become future leaders in the construction industry, obtaining certification that is recognized by industry.
The Leadership for Safety Excellence course is available 24/7 through SCSA On Demand Training. There is no prerequisite and learners have 60 days to complete the course. SCSA members pay $100 – the same as the instructor led options. The course is equivalent to the two-day instructor led Leadership for Safety Excellence course offered online or in person. It remains a required course for COR® and SECOR® certification and for those pursuing NCSO™ or NHSA™ designations.
The final exam requires an 80% passing grade. Upon successful completion of the course, on demand learners have 30 days to complete the proficiency for Leadership for Safety Excellence. Proficiency involves two simulated activities completed through the On Demand platform and two activities completed on site, documented and submitted online. These activities include a worksite inspection, incident investigation, hazard assessment and toolbox meeting.
For more information and to register, visit: SCSA On Demand Training
For assistance with registration or questions, contact or call 1.800.817.2079