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Hand Sanitizer Available for Members


Merit Contractors Association of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association have learned of the recent shortage of hand sanitizer and cleaning products  members are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to keep work sites and offices clean and safe during this time to ensure that essential construction can continue,  this partnership has located supplies of hand santizer for member companies.

Most distilleries in the province have shifted production to provide cleaning and sanitation resources to first responders and medical personal in the province and our Associations support this work. At the same time, a few suppliers are making their products available to the construction industry:


1.Smooth 42 Distillery: Smooth 42 is producing hand sanitizer that they can ship in various sizes and quantities. Please submit orders through email to a   In an order, please include an email address, contact information, physical address and  quantity of product .   Smooth 42 Distiller is currently accepting credit card and electronic funds transfers.


2. EECOL Electric: EECOL has bulk supply and is willing to sell in smaller amounts to members.  EECOL prefers that the member has an account, as they are limiting face-to-face transactions at this time. Each cash transaction would need to be considered at the time. Please contact Rob McNeil for more information:

Rob McNeil
2906 Millar Ave Saskatoon,
Call: (306) 933-3131


3. MCK Equipement: MCk has regular sales but always keeps spare products around just in case. Please contact them to purchase and check on availability as supplies come in. 

Assaad Dagher
#4 3603 Millar Ave Saskatoon
Call: 1 -833-978-8833


4. Levitt Safety: Levitt Safety is coordinating a mass national order which will use our joint buying power to reduce shipping costs and take advantage of bulk order discounts. They have created Emergency Supply Sourcing to display products we are sourcing and the lead times. To take advantage of this large national order, we are asking for all orders to be submitted by 5pm local time on Thursday, April 2.

Anyone who wishes to place an order can call 1-888-453-8488 or submit a web inquiry through the form on the Emergency Supply Sourcing page.


5. Black Fox Farm and Distillery: Black Fox Farm and Distillery now has sanitizer available. 200ml pouches, $3.50 each, and bulk format coming.

Meghan Mulder
245 Valley Road, Comp117 Site 319 RR#3, Saskatoon
Call: 306 955 4645


6.Outlaw Trail Spirits: Outlaw Trail Spirits current batch of hand sanitizer is dedicated to the Emergency Services and shelters in our community and will soon have 1 L and 18.9 L refill sizes of liquid sanitizer available on a first-come-first-serve basis for purchase.

Charmaine Styles
1360 Scarth St. Regina, SK
Call: 306 527 6533