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Health and Safety Administrator (HSA) Certification


The SCSA is proud to congratulate Jamie Sawatsky, Administrative Clerk, on achieving her Health and Safety Administrator (HSA) certification. Last year, the SCSA issued 32 HSA certifications and there are currently 155 participants registered in the program. 

When asked why she pursued certification, Sawatsky explained how she wanted to gain the knowledge needed to better assist customers. "They rely on us at the SCSA to point them in the right direction. I feel it is crucial to have a good understanding of the information they need."

The objective of the Health and Safety Administrator (HSA) program is to provide formal training for an administrator of a health and safety program, who does not possess a minimum of three years construction field experience. Certification indicates to employers that the participant has knowledge in various health and safety management skills and principles. This knowledge positions the individual to provide support in the administration of a company’s health and safety program.

For more information on the program requirements and registration process, please visit: