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Innovation Challenge 2021: Identifying Hazards and Reducing Injuries in the Construction Industry


Innovation Challenge 2021: Identifying Hazards and Reducing Injuries in the Construction Industry

Jun 25, 2021

Innovation Saskatchewan, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association, is launching the latest Innovation Challenge.  This year's Challenge aims to address government's priority of creating healthy, safe and productive workplaces in the construction industry.

This Innovation Challenge is asking technology startups, entrepreneurs, researchers and/or students to find technology solutions to the following question: "How can technology be used by the construction industry to identify hazards and reduce injuries?"  

"The Innovation Challenge is a great way to tap into the growing and vibrant tech sector in Saskatchewan," Minister Responsible for Innovation Saskatchewan Jeremy Harrison said.  "This Challenge ties into our government's commitment to create safe and productive workplaces.  By developing an innovative solution to identifying hazards, we will further increase safety for construction workers across the province."

Selected submissions will be shortlisted based on the highest potential to solve the problem, and a pitch competition will determine the winner.  Innovation Challenge winners will receive funding of up to $10,000 and a 16-week residency to develop their solution in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association.  Following the residency, a Demonstration Day will showcase their solution.

"The construction industry should benefit from productivity gains if it adopts new technology and management practices that improve safety," Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association President Collin Pullar said.  "Those potential gains will require innovative investments in computer technology, new materials, techniques and management processes which enable safe, productive worksites."

A public information session will be held virtually on July 6, 2021.  The deadline for submission is July 14, 2021.  Further information on times will be posted on Innovation Saskatchewan's website.

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For more information, contact:

Tyler Dunn
Innovation Saskatchewan
Phone: 306-933-7389