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New COR Standard and Harmonized Audit Tool


The national COR® accreditation standard has recently been updated by the Canadian Federation of Canadian Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA). In response to the updated standard, the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) collaborated with other provincial construction safety associations to design a new harmonized audit tool. The SCSA will be using this new tool for all COR® audits effective January 1, 2023.

COR® certification provides companies with effective tools to develop, implement, assess and improve their safety and health management systems to prevent injuries and reduce the associated human and financial costs. Companies who have COR® accreditation in more than one province, or are seeking equivalency in other provinces, should find the certification easier to obtain and maintain with the updated national standard.

The harmonized audit tool includes:

  • a new section for Procurement and Contractor Management
  • changes to scoring, so partial points can now be awarded on some questions
  • updated guidelines

All COR® external and internal audits, NCSO™ and NHSA™ maintenance audits, and self audits should use the new audit tool going forward in 2023. Auditors are encouraged to pay close attention to the updated guidelines and criteria, especially in reference to awarding partial points on certain questions.

For more detail on the harmonized audit tool see COR updates or download it from the SCSA Resources.

For guidance or assistance, contact program services by email at or call the SCSA office at 800-817-2079.