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Press Release: The SCSA and Saskatchewan WCB Funding Agreement Commits Organizations to the Highest Standards of Workplace Safety and Governance Excellence


The SCSA and Saskatchewan WCB Funding Agreement Commits Organizations to the Highest Standards of Workplace Safety and Governance Excellence

June 28, 2021

New Funding Agreement strengthens collaboration between SCSA and Saskatchewan WCB (WCB) on Injury Prevention

REGINA - The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA), the safety association for the construction industry and one of the jurisdictional authorities for COR® in Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan WCB (WCB), has signed a new funding agreement to strengthen the collaboration and partnership between the organizations.

“The SCSA has a productive, longstanding relationship with Saskatchewan WCB, going back over 25 years,” says SCSA President Collin Pullar. “Our recent partnerships with WCB have improved the availability of Asbestos training and made timely, high-quality data and information available to our mutual members and customers. We believe that today’s agreement will facilitate two-way conversations about effective practices in construction safety management that will improve stewardship of construction industry funds and formalize the SCSA’s role in driving down injury rates”. Collin Pullar.

The SCSA brings empirically proven practices to its new relationship with WCB. A study conducted by the University of British Columbia’s Partnership for Work, Health and Safety show that COR certification from the SCSA is associated with a 21% reduction in injury rates. Industry research confirms that SCSA auditing and courses are also highly effective. Partnering SCSA more closely with WCB is expected to facilitate initiatives with the construction industry that will improve injury rates flattened in recent years.

A Board of Directors leads the SCSA from the residential, industrial and commercial construction sectors with directors from both employers and labour who value accountability standards comparable to a publicly traded firm. The SCSA ratified its current strategic plan in 2019 following extensive consultation with the construction industry run by an outside consultant. The new funding agreement supports the mission, vision and values of the SCSA identified by its Board of Directors.

“As a Board, the message we received from our industry in 2019 was loud and clear,” says SCSA Chairperson Ryan Smotra. “Our member companies want a safe environment for their employees and the public. They also want to see good governance of the association and strong stewardship of construction industry funds.” Continued Smotra. “We know this level of performance and accountability necessitates strong levels of transparency as well as a well-trained, well-informed Board. We’re no strangers to partnering with other organizations that bring leading practices to the association. We’ve used a public accounting firm to monitor financial reporting and internal controls for years, and many of our Board directors have received third-party governance designations and accreditations. The SCSA works to a high standard.”

“Ultimately, both organizations believe in Mission Zero, and we feel this agreement moves us closer to the goal of creating the safest construction environment in Canada,” says Pullar.

Read the full funding agreement in our corporate reports.

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