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Preventing Violence in the Workplace


An amendment to the Saskatchewan Employment Act requires all workplaces to have a Policy Statement and Prevention Plan (PSPP) for Violence in the Workplace in effect by May 17, 2024. defines violence as: “the attempted, threatened or actual conduct of a person that causes or is likely to cause an injury. This includes any threatening statement or behaviour that gives a worker reasonable cause to believe the worker is at the risk of an injury.”

All provincially regulated workers are protected against workplace violence. Workers are defined in the Saskatchewan Employment Act and include all employees, supervisors, students, independent and dependent contractors or volunteers who are permitted by an employer to perform work or who are trained by an employer.

Employers must develop and implement a PSPP in writing that includes the information given in Saskatchewan Occupational Health & Safety Regulations, 2020 : 3-26 (3), (4), (5), (6).

When preparing a violence policy statement and prevention plan, employers are required to consult and cooperate with the occupational health committee, occupational health and safety representative, or where there is no committee or representative, the workers.

The SCSA has created a Violence in The Workplace Policy Statement and Prevention Plan template and guide with the construction industry in mind. View the Resources page to find these and other safety manual documents.

Members are encouraged to reach out to an SCSA Advisor for help with the customization of their PSPP.


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