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Regina & District Chamber of Commerce  Responds to Provincial Budget


April 6, 2021
For Immediate Release

Regina & District Chamber of Commerce Responds to Provincial Budget

The Regina & District Chamber of Commerce responded to the budget by indicating that the budget really reflected the government’s election commitments like the Home Renovation Tax Credit, the SaskPower reduction, and the Active Families incentive. 

In addition, the budget reflects the environment that Saskatchewan people and businesses are facing, the continuation of COVID-19. 

The budget strongly focuses on COVID-19 initiatives from a health and safety perspective as well as programs which look to help businesses in the recovery process. 

“While the deficit of $2.6 billion is significant, once one takes into account that $1.5 billion is a response to COVID-19, and a further $415 million for a pension adjustment the deficit is much smaller than first viewed," said John Hopkins CEO of the Regina & District Chamber of Commerce.

One of the more interesting items within the budget is a $150 annual fee for those who use electric vehicles. The fee accounts for the use of Saskatchewan roadways which are at least in part funded by the Saskatchewan fuel tax. 

The same type of fee is charged in approximately 15 states including California. The policy reflects the growing trend toward electric vehicles and the need to maintain transportation infrastructure.

"The Regina & District Chamber of Commerce is strongly of the view that the government’s primary focus must be the health and safety of the people and businesses of the province as well as the economic recovery of the province," added Hopkins. “At the end of the day our province and the vast majority of the people of the province rely upon a healthy economy, one that is positioned for growth. We are on that trajectory with a great deal more to be done."


For more information please contact:  
John Hopkins  
Chief Executive Officer  
Regina & District Chamber of Commerce