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Sask Polytech achieves COR for skilled trades programs

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is pleased to announce a momentous achievement by the Joseph A. Remai School of Construction and School of Transportation. After 18 months of dedicated efforts and unwavering commitment to excellence from faculty and staff, Sask Polytech has successfully attained the Certificate of Recognition (COR®) from the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association.
“Sask Polytech is the first post-secondary education institution in Saskatchewan to obtain COR® for over half of its industrial trades programs,” shares Brenda Suru, dean for the Faculty of Technology and Skilled Trades. “This important milestone speaks volumes about our faculty and staff’s commitment to excellence, safety and the highest standards in education.”
COR® is an occupational safety and health accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety and health management system meeting national standards. The objectives of COR® are to provide employers with effective tools to develop, implement, assess and promote continual improvement of their systems to prevent or mitigate incidents and injuries. COR® is provincially managed by the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association and nationally endorsed by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA).
“We appreciate the work Sask Polytech’s schools for construction and transportation have done to achieve COR® and congratulate them on this significant achievement,” says SCSA president Collin Pullar. “This certification affirms that the construction workforce is being trained in a setting where safety is top priority and meets the highest standard. It is a positive step in advancing a culture of safety in Saskatchewan and sets a great example for those pursuing careers in the trades.”
“For our students, this achievement adds an extra layer of assurance that their education is taking place in an environment that prioritizes safety and fosters a culture of responsibility,” says Suru. “The skills and knowledge gained in such an environment are not only academically enriching but also set the foundation for a successful career in the construction and transportation industries.”
"We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all those who contributed to this accomplishment – the faculty and staff who worked hard to audit our programs, update occupational safety and health processes, and document those processes to receive this recognition,” says Sask Polytech president and CEO, Dr. Larry Rosia. "COR® is helping Sask Polytech lead the rise of polytechnic education in Saskatchewan and across Canada. We will continue to strive for excellence and maintain the highest health and safety standards in all our programs.”
To accomplish this significant achievement, the Joseph A. Remai School of Construction and School of Transportation hired Mackenzie Loewen as Health & Safety coordinator in 2021. Her role was to oversee the project, ensuring efficient management of processes and documentation. She says Sask Polytech anticipated a four-year timeline for this project, but with the dedication of faculty and staff, the baseline audit was successfully completed in under two years. Sask Polytech’s Health, Safety and Security team also shared their expertise with the Joseph A. Remai School of Construction and School of Transportation throughout the COR® project.
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