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SCSA Moves Training Records For Students Online


Release Date:  19-May-2020

SCSA Moves Training Records For Students Online

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Studies by McKinsey and Company show that the construction industry would realize productivity benefits from increased digitization and improved access to business intelligence. To address the need for better information and a desire to execute tasks on-site, the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association is launching a service to make its training database available to students and employers through an online tool.

"Saskatchewan is a big province,” said Collin Pullar, President of the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association.  "We know it is not always convenient for our members and students to visit SCSA offices when an employer or regulatory body asks for training records," he continued.  "Most people already carry a smartphone in their pockets or nearby in a vehicle or locker.  Starting today, this tool will allow managers and supervisors to execute a check of training records while on the jobsite." 

By visiting SCSA students can log on and view their training history and provide it to others.  This tool makes over 140,000 training records readily available to students and employers with a smartphone, tablet, or computer and an internet connection.

"In the past, paper copies of training records were provided to students.  These paper records get lost or damaged easily.  We know that about 40% of the people who read our electronic newsletter use a smartphone," said Pullar, "Let's leverage this tool to improve safety and productivity on the job site."

This new user experience allows an SCSA student to log on, get the information they need, and get back to work.  Effectively, using the online training history provides more information with fewer steps.  This service improvement helps keeps the construction industry building instead of searching for records.

The SCSA is making a number of moves to improve access to business intelligence on the job site over the life of the Association’s current strategic plan.  "This is the first of many announcements about new online tools," said Collin Pullar.

The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) is an industry-funded, membership-based, non-profit organization that provides cost-effective, accessible safety training and advice to employers and employees in the construction industry throughout the province to reduce the human and financial losses associated with injuries. Registered March 22, 1995 the SCSA is, and has been since inception, committed to injury prevention. Serving almost 10,000 member companies, the vision of the SCSA is to create the Safest Construction Environment in Canada through its mission of Constructing Safety Leadership.

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