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SCSA Signs Five-Year Funding Agreement with WCB


December 20, 2023

Regina, SK – The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA), the safety association for the construction industry and one of the authorities for issuing COR® certification in Saskatchewan, has signed a new five-year funding agreement with the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB).

The agreement clarifies the partnership between WCB and the SCSA to use construction industry funds toward the common goal of driving down injury rates. With a well-established relationship over many years, WCB and the SCSA have collaborated on injury prevention initiatives for targeted companies, the co-development of several safety training courses and data sharing to deliver insights back to members in the construction sector.

“The SCSA’s relationship with WCB is built on our shared goal of preventing injuries and promoting safe workplaces,” says SCSA president Collin Pullar. “For over 25 years, we have worked together towards this goal and made great progress in promoting safer construction across the province. This new agreement is another productive step that ensures the SCSA can remain focused on supporting our members in improving their safety performance and maintaining a healthy workforce.”

The SCSA continues to deliver safety programs that meet a national standard, with proven practices widely shared across Canada as shown in the recent announcement of over 10,000 active COR® certified companies across the country. SCSA safety training remains cost-effective and easy to access for every member company around the province, with an expanding catalogue of in-person, online and on demand options.

In 2022, extensive consultation with industry informed the SCSA’s updated Strategic Plan. Using annual formal feedback surveys as well as regular check-ins with members throughout the year, the SCSA actively engages with industry to be aware of changing opinions and gauge both public and member perceptions. This knowledge informs the board of directors in setting priorities and guiding the path of the association.

“Our board is committed to a high level of performance, accountability and transparency. We know our members want to keep their teams safe on the job and they expect good governance from our association to promote safety across the industry,” says SCSA chairperson Keith Bird. “With responsible stewardship of construction industry funds, the SCSA is committed to delivering its mission for the benefit of all members and the construction industry as a whole.”

Read the full funding agreement.