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SCSA Walks the Talk


The SCSA has been recognized by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) as having jurisdictional authority in Saskatchewan to issue the Certificate of Recognition (COR®) certification and has been externally recognized as having the utmost diligence in applying the national standards for construction safety. The SCSA is an organization that walks the talk. In 2019 the SCSA received a COR audit score of 96%, a significant improvement from the 89% that was earned during the audit three years ago (pictured left - Thomas Archer, SCSA Vice President of Operations reviews the Executive Summary of the COR External Audit)

Executive Summary

I appreciate the opportunity to conduct an audit of your safety and health management system. The audit of the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association was conducted between January 20-23, 2020 using the SCSA National Standard Audit Tool and consisted of a review of documentation, office and site observations and employee interviews. A total of 12 workers and 8 management interviews were conducted between the Saskatoon and Regina offices.

The safety manual includes a relevant collection of safe job practices and safe job procedures. The SCSA workers understood the applicable procedures relevant to their position within the company. It was noted that while on site conducting safety PPE demonstrations, an inspection of the equipment was completed prior to use.

As with any program requiring continual improvement and updates, the SCSA audit revealed several areas that require some closer attention to be addressed. Specifically, workers should be aware of several company safety rules, and the process used when these rules are violated. The auditor commends the SCSA workers for their understanding of not only the 3 Rights, but also what they mean and how to apply them. I recommend to refer to each specific section of this audit for further recommendations based on other ways to improve in the future.

I would like to thank you again for the opportunity to conduct your audit. Your score of 96% verifies that an effective and well-designed safety program has been developed and implemented.

-Matt Lothian, Auditor, Construction Safety Association of Manitoba