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SCSA Welcomes the Saskatchewan Growth Plan’s Emphasis on Safety


The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association welcomes Saskatchewan Growth Plan’s emphasis on safety with respect to how it grows “a skilled labour force through education and training”.

“While many think of provincial growth in purely economic or population related terms, it is critical to understand that strong growth can only be sustained by managing and controlling the risks that can lead to human and financial loss”, says Collin Pullar, President of the SCSA.

For industry, the Plan for Growth to 2030 calls for:

Creating Safer Workplaces:

A competitive business environment requires employment laws that are fair and balanced, while fostering a growth-oriented economy. Reducing workplace injuries will lower health care and workers’ compensation costs, while improving business productivity.

To ensure better protection of Saskatchewan workers on the job, the Government of Saskatchewan will focus on reducing serious workplace injuries and fatalities, promote the importance of workplace safety and ensure workplaces are in compliance with health and safety regulations.

In addition, the Growth Plan calls for the continued delivery of key programs to help young people understand their rights and obligations in the workplace.

The SCSA remains committed to helping our industry create the safest construction environment in Canada through its programs and strategic partnerships. 

Link to The Plan for Growth 2030: