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The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) says Don’t Fall Short on Safety


REGINA - The Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) is announcing its Fall Protection & Prevention Training Course update.  Falling from heights accounts for hundreds of injuries in the construction industry, many of which are preventable.  This new Fall Protection & Prevention Training course is expected to help reduce injuries in the construction industry.

“The SCSA has been offering training and advice to the construction industry in Saskatchewan for over 25 years, and we advise our members on the importance of having effective safety programs to improve their company’s safety management systems continually,” says Thomas Archer, Vice-President of Operations of the SCSA. “We want to model that behaviour by updating our Fall Protection & Prevention Training,” Archer continues.  The new course is designed to reflect the current need for instructor-led training held online or in person. “This class incorporates online instructor-led training and practical assignments that meet the needs of many industries,” Archer says, adding that “our members will receive training that meets provincial legislation and references CSA standards.  Overall, the workforce will benefit from more transferable training”.

The new Fall Protection & Prevention Training course will continue to discuss Saskatchewan OHS Regulations regarding fall protection systems and equipment, identification and uses of different fall protection systems, creation of a written fall protection plan, an inspection of a lanyard and harness, donning a fall arrest harness and effective ladder safety.  SCSA’s Fall Protection & Prevention Training is an optional course for the National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO®) program and meets the needs for job-specific training for the Certificate of Recognition (COR®) or Small Employer of Recognition (SECOR®) programs.

Archer said, “one of the SCSA’s corporate values is that Safety is top-of-mind in everything we do.” “We were inspired by a need to evolve our course and industries’ desire to collaborate, so we introduced our new Fall Protection & Prevention Training course,” continues Archer.  “Cross-industry collaboration is innovative in the safety training industry, and I’d like to thank our partner associations for their vision and excellent contributions in developing and delivering this training.”  The new course is recognized by the SCSA and HCSAS, MSA, SASM, Service Hospitality and SASWH and will require recertification every three years.

SCSA members can register for Fall Protection & Prevention Training by visiting Workers from other industries are advised to contact their safety association to register or learn more about the training.

The construction industry funds the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA) to provide cost-effective, accessible safety training and advice. The SCSA aims to reduce the human and financial cost of injuries. Registered March 22, 1995, the SCSA is, since inception, committed to injury prevention. Today the SCSA serves almost 10,000 member companies.

The vision of the SCSA is to create the Safest Construction Environment in Canada through its mission of Constructing Safety Leadership.

Companies registered with Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) and who fall under the CLASS B – BUILDING CONSTRUCTION rate code are automatic members of the SCSA.